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Welcome to our updated Support Portal

Welcome to the New Lounge Network Support Portal. This support website replaces our old Knowledge Base system. It also replaces both our Network Status page and News and Announcements pages. So it has all now been integrated into this single support website.
Recent posts

MYSQL 8 Upgrade on most Linux Servers - Rolling Upgrade starting April 15, 2024

Our upstream providers are upgrading their database infrastructure to MySQL 8, the latest version of one of the world's most popular and reliable database management systems. This upgrade will bring numerous enhancements and features that will greatly benefit our clients and their applications. Let's highlight some key advantages and exciting features: Enhanced Performance: MySQL 8 is packed with performance improvements, including multi-threaded reads, an optimized cost model, and new indexes. These enhancements will result in faster query executions and improved response times, delivering a more efficient user experience. JSON Support: With MySQL 8, we are bringing JSON support to our database environment. This means you can now store, manipulate, and query JSON data directly within your database, allowing for greater flexibility and ease of handling complex data structures. Window Functions: MySQL 8 introduces window functions, empowering you to perform complex analytical qu

If you are still using old email client settings on the Wildcat or Gemini servers...

If you are still using your domain name as the mailserver address in your email client (eg such as Outlook) , you may start to get a security certificate error in your email software.  The server mailserver address you need to use for your email client needs to be set to the following for your incoming mailserver. If you are also using our servers for your outgoing mail, then you also need to make the same change to your outgoing mailserver. Choose either the Wildcat or Gemini mail server address below depending on the server you are on. If you aren't sure, try one and if it doesn't work the other one should. Incoming Mail Server:   or IMAP Port: 993  /  POP3 : 995 Outgoing Mail Server: Your ISPs SMTP server or   or SMTP Port: 465 / 587 You can also access webmail through the following link  Webmail Login

Hosting Price increases for some clients

Our Upstream Providers have recently their hosting and domain registration prices effective from the 1st April 2023 for those on our lower priced plans. We are therefore having to increase some of our own prices. Inflation is causing prices to increase throughout the New Zealand economy, so a price increase shouldn't be unexpected. Likewise the weak NZ dollar means we are paying more for some wholesale services including hosting, which we pay for in USD.  Unfortunately most NZ businesses are having to increase prices. You should see the updated price on your next invoice. We also haven't increased our prices for many years, but it is a fact that in the current economic climate, a price increase was inevitable.  

Pricing changes for .NZ and some International Domain Names Extensions

Due to increasing costs some domain name extensions are increasing in price. All .NZ domains will increase from $NZ 44.94, to $NZ 49.95 per year. This is actually our first price increase for .NZ domains in the 20 plus years we have been in business. It is also only a $5 increase as we have tried to keep the increase as small as possible. Some international domains such as .com, .net etc will also increase in price by similar amounts.  You can check out our full pricing and our full domain name range inside our NZ Domain Manager at

Rolling Server Updates in September & October 2022 - Updated Hosting Control Panel Coming

Over the course of the next few months, the datacentre hosting some of the servers will be upgrading their control panel software to a newer version. This will be done on a rolling basis across all servers. This new control panel software supports a lot more functionality that will allow your websites to scale exponentially.  You will still access your control panel on ports 2083 and 2087, and webmail links will also be the same as well, as long as your website is hosted with us. eg  .  If your website isn't hosted with use you must use the following logins and settings, otherwise you will get SSL error messages. -  Control Panel Login -  Webmail Login The server mailserver address you need to use for your email client (eg such as Outlook) needs to be set to the following. Choose either the Wildcat or Gemini mail server address depending on the server you are on. Incoming Mail Server: or IMAP Port: 9

Domain Name price updates

We have been informed by our Domain Name Provider that there is a wholesale increase in the price of some domain extensions. This wholesale price increase includes .COM, .XYZ, .MONSTER, .CO, .BIZ, .CLUB, and .DESIGN domains. Unfortunately this has meant we have had to increase the price of most of these domains. We have however decided for the moment to retain the current .com price, even though our wholesale price has increased. We will continue to monitor this.   Please note that domain prices are subject to change at anytime without notice, and the current price in our NZ Domain Manager ( ) at the time of registration / renewal and payment, is the current price at the time. 

[RESOLVED] Server outage on Dreamscape Networks

Dreamscape Networks have informed us that they currently have an unscheduled server outage on one of their servers . If your CPanel login starts with , then you maybe be affected by this outage if some of your services are not working. They have told us that they are currently working on fixing this under urgency. We will update this page once they have provided an update to us.  Update - This has now been fixed.

New Universal Login URLs for cPanel Concorde & Libra Servers

Earlier this year hosting accounts on Concorde and Libra cPanel servers were migrated over to new servers. The Concorde server is now called Wildcat , and the Libra server is now called Gemini .  The legacy universal CPanel and Webmail logins continued to work after this migration but have now been depreciated. The new logins for your server can be found for both CPanel and Webmail below. If you try to access CPanel or Webmail through the old logins, you will get a security warning, so you need to use the new login.  CPanel Webmail Please note that if your website is hosted with a third party and you use the Wildcat or Gemini servers for email, then depending on when you setup your account and hther you are using old legacy settings, you may also need to update your incoming and outgoing mailservers in your email client so they connect directly to the server. This because


Domain clients are being sent out emails to check that the contact details associated with their domain name/s is correct. These are being sent directly by the NZ Domain Registrar. As per domain name policies, they require all domain clients have the correct and up to date contact details associated with their domain names. Please log into your domain manager at when your domain contact details change.

Network issue affecting connectivity

There is currently a network problem with an optic switch at the datacentre affecting connectivity of some services housed on the Cpanel servers. The servers are fully online as is power but they are waiting for full connectivity to be restored. We will update this page once we have been updated --UPDATE-- We have received notification that the datacentre has now resolved this. They will be  keeping an eye on it and we will update this page if things change. The datacentre had to replace switch fabric in the network to resolve it and due to the complexity of their network, it required very careful oversight and we apologize for this issue. They will be  keeping an eye on it and we will update this page if things change.