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Welcome to our updated Support Portal

Welcome to the New Lounge Network Support Portal. This support website replaces our old Knowledge Base system. It also replaces both our Network Status page and News and Announcements pages. So it has all now been integrated into this single support website.
Recent posts

Domain Name price updates

We have been informed by our Domain Name Provider that there is a wholesale increase in the price of some domain extensions. This wholesale price increase includes .COM, .XYZ, .MONSTER, .CO, .BIZ, .CLUB, and .DESIGN domains. Unfortunately this has meant we have had to increase the price of most of these domains. We have however decided for the moment to retain the current .com price, even though our wholesale price has increased. We will continue to monitor this.   Please note that domain prices are subject to change at anytime without notice, and the current price in our NZ Domain Manager ( ) at the time of registration / renewal and payment, is the current price at the time. 

[RESOLVED] Server outage on Dreamscape Networks

Dreamscape Networks have informed us that they currently have an unscheduled server outage on one of their servers . If your CPanel login starts with , then you maybe be affected by this outage if some of your services are not working. They have told us that they are currently working on fixing this under urgency. We will update this page once they have provided an update to us.  Update - This has now been fixed.

New Universal Login URLs for cPanel Concorde & Libra Servers

Hosting accounts on Concorde and Libra cPanel servers have been recently migrated over to new servers. The Concorde server is now called Wildcat , and the Libra server is now called Gemini .  The legacy universal CPanel and Webmail logins continued to work after this migration but have now been depreciated. The new logins for your server can be found for both CPanel and Webmail below. If you try to access CPanel or Webmail through the old logins, you will get a security warning, so you need to use the new login.  CPanel Webmail Most clients who use our nameservers will be able to access through their domain name, (eg /cpanel , or /webmail) , so will not be affected by this change.


Domain clients are being sent out emails to check that the contact details associated with their domain name/s is correct. These are being sent directly by the NZ Domain Registrar. As per domain name policies, they require all domain clients have the correct and up to date contact details associated with their domain names. Please log into your domain manager at when your domain contact details change.

Network issue affecting connectivity

There is currently a network problem with an optic switch at the datacentre affecting connectivity of some services housed on the Cpanel servers. The servers are fully online as is power but they are waiting for full connectivity to be restored. We will update this page once we have been updated --UPDATE-- We have received notification that the datacentre has now resolved this. They will be  keeping an eye on it and we will update this page if things change. The datacentre had to replace switch fabric in the network to resolve it and due to the complexity of their network, it required very careful oversight and we apologize for this issue. They will be  keeping an eye on it and we will update this page if things change. 

Domain Manager and Hosting Migration by Dreamscape Networks

Our upstream providers for the NZ Domain Manager system, Dreamscape Networks, are in the process of migrating to a new domain management and hosting platform. As part of this upgrade, clients with hosted websites and email on this platform will also be migrated across to a newer and more modern hosting platform. Clients will know if they are on this hosting platform if they normally log into the control panel to manage their email or website settings. These hosting clients will need to adjust some settings and may need to make modifications to their configurations and websites when this change takes place. Most clients on this platform using hosted email will need to update their email settings in their email software.  Some websites, especially older ones may not work properly on the updated platform, so clients may need to engage with their website developer to make modifications if needed.  In some cases clients may find that is may not be possible to update t

UDATES: Pricing and Service Changes for our Corporate and Business Hosting plans

Our upstream providers are moving accounts across to an all new platform. With this migration, hosting prices will be changing. The new plans will include 15 times more total diskspace. People who need more diskspace than this in the future will also be able to upgrade to higher diskspace plans.  We haven't increased our prices in over a decade, despite inflation and increasing costs. So the new plans will be more expensive to account for the increased costs. Some hosting clients were already paying extra fees for additional diskspace storage on the old network, due to exceeding the quota that came with the plan. As the new plans include a lot of extra diskspace, those clients will be paying less in total for their hosting service with us. The new fees take effect on the 1st March 2022 and details of the updated plan is published on our website at   Please note that we have never provided any free DNS hosting services, and we will continue to charge for all

Auckland Email issue with Secure Certificate

The server engineers are currently aware of an issue that maybe affecting a small number of email users on our Auckland hosting network. This is affecting those users who are using SSL with their email client, and the POP3, IMAP or SMTP connection is through though the SSL using the domain *  If you get a popup message in your email client and  you can choose to continue and email should connect to the server to send or receive email.  You can also  access your email through the webmail login box at  . The webmail login is the lower of the two login boxes. Alternatively you can temporarily use the non SSL methods of connecting to POP3, IMAP and SMTP as shown at   . This means for POP3 set the incoming port to 110, and SSL to none. For SMTP setting the outgoing port to port 25 with no authentication. For IMAP setting the incomin

Libra CPanel Server Load spikes from DDoS

Our upstream providers have detected several high load spikes on on the Libra Cpanel server due to huge connections from random IP's on server which appears to be a DDoS attack, causing some websites to load slowly during these short spikes. They have  now corrected it. They have been have monitoring server for some time and the server load is normal.They will continue to monitor this and correct things should they occur. .