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Lounge Network Infrastructure Upgrade

During this week and next we will be completing our migration of the system back-end database system to MariaDB. This refers to the infrastructure that runs the controlpanel and hosting systems, and does not affect customer’s hosted databases. MariaDB offers better real-time support and security, and importantly flexibility and a future focus for next generation services. No impact is expected as we have been running MariaDB in parallel for some time in order to check data integrity. However we want to inform our customers of the changeover dates and times which are as follows: Tuesday 11th Feb, 6AM: All DNS and redirects changed so that they read from the new cluster. Tuesday 18th Feb, 6AM: Control Panel changed so that it reads from the new cluster.

Incident Report on the Power Outage at Datacentre on the 4/02/2014

At approximately 11:20AM NZ Time on the 4/02/2014, there was a major electrical surge into the datacentre where all of our CPanel servers are stored. This resulted in the datacentre losing power for approximately 2 seconds.  As this is a normal concern for our industry, our upstream providers have both UPS and generator backups to mitigate any potential effect to clients, and we've never had any issues previously.  The facility has gone on strictly UPS power many times, both for our quarterly/yearly testing, as well as regular power surges. This issue however, proved to be much more problematic, because there was also surge that occurred after, which took out multiple redundant/diverse path breakers in the datacentre.  This resulted in a full scale blackout at the datacentre.  By 11:21AM NZ Time, utility power was restored.  Our upstream providers have UPS systems with multiple battery cabinets to give clean conditioned power to the servers, network equip