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[FAQ] Pre-Joining Questions

Answers to the questions we're commonly asked before people signup. Please be sure to email if you have any other questions. Quick-Start Guide to Getting a Website Online Switching your website to us, from another provider Am I able to create customised error pages for my Website? Are your hosting plans PCI Compliant? Can I also connect to the internet with you? Are you an ISP? Can I have more than one Domain for my site? Can I host my e-mail with you, and my website with another host? Can I password protect certain web pages in my website? Can I register my own SSL certificate? Can I resell space within my own hosting account? Differences between ‘subdomains’, ‘parked domains’, and ‘addon domains’? Do I have access to update my site 24 hours a day? Do you allow me to host CGI Scripts in my hosting space? What is CGI? Do you allow modification of file/folder permissions via FTPs CHMOD? Do you allow Telnet / SSH / Shell access? Do you h

[FAQ] Accounts and Billing

Information on the way accounts and billing are handled at the Lounge Network. Are your prices excluding GST? Can I customise the payment duration for my hosting account? Can I get a refund if I haven't been using my hosting account? Can I pay my invoice by installment? Do you have an Automatic Payment Form I can download? How do I cancel my hosting account? How do I make a payment into your bank account from overseas? How do I pay my Web Hosting account? I have changed my bank, and I need to re setup my Automatic Payments? I have let my domain expire, why am I still being charged for web hosting? My company has changed ownership, what do I need to do? My web designer wants me to switch to their hosting services, should I?    What are your Bank Account details? What happens if I get behind in my payments? What happens if my account has been suspended for non-payment? What is the difference between Account 'Suspension',  and &

[FAQ] Domain Names

Information on Domain Names, including how you register and renew a domain name via our Domain Manager. How do I register a new domain name? Warning for all Domain Name Registrants General Can I host a domain with you? Can I register multiple names at once? Can I save money by registering a domain through you? Can you register all domain name extensions? Do I own my domain name? Do you provide free DNS services? How do I request my UDAI from my existing Domain Registrar? How long can I have a Domain Name for, can anyone else register it? If I register a domain with you, do I also need to host with you? Tips For Choosing a Domain Name What characters can a Domain contain? What do the different Domain Extensions mean? What does 'Pending Release' mean with a .NZ domain? What is a domain name? What is a UDAI? What is the difference between Domain Names and Hosting? What responsibilities do I have when I register a dom