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[FAQ] Userguide: Corporate & Business Hosting

Information specific to our Corporate and Business Web Hosting plans on our NZ Based Clustered Web Hosting Network. Introduction Welcome to our NZ Hosting Control Panel User Guide Dreamscape Networks Shared Hosting Email usage quotas Control Panel and Webmail Login Shared Hosting Overuse - Q&A's How do I monitor my Diskspace and Bandwidth usage? Domain Names How do I get the UDAI for a Domain? How do I change my Domain name's contact details? How do I change the nameservers for my Domain? How do I set up a DNS template?    How do I edit a DNS template? How do I apply a DNS template? How do I edit my hosts file? How do I register a new Domain Name through my control panel? How do I renew a domain using the Control Panel?   How do I set up a URL redirection / parking? How do I transfer a Domain into my control panel? Email How do I change  the spam settings of an email alias? How do I change a domain's spam settings? H