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Domain Name price updates

We have been informed by our Domain Name Provider that there is a wholesale increase in the price of some domain extensions. This wholesale price increase includes .COM, .XYZ, .MONSTER, .CO, .BIZ, .CLUB, and .DESIGN domains. Unfortunately this has meant we have had to increase the price of most of these domains. We have however decided for the moment to retain the current .com price, even though our wholesale price has increased. We will continue to monitor this.   Please note that domain prices are subject to change at anytime without notice, and the current price in our NZ Domain Manager ( ) at the time of registration / renewal and payment, is the current price at the time. 

[RESOLVED] Server outage on Dreamscape Networks

Dreamscape Networks have informed us that they currently have an unscheduled server outage on one of their servers . If your CPanel login starts with , then you maybe be affected by this outage if some of your services are not working. They have told us that they are currently working on fixing this under urgency. We will update this page once they have provided an update to us.  Update - This has now been fixed.