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Wellington Earthquakes and Office disruptions

 As you may already know Wellington and upper parts of the South Island were rocked by a severe earthquake this morning, causing quite a bit of damage. The regions continues to be rocked by severe aftershocks. We hope everyone is safe and ok across NZ. Our main office has been disrupted by the Wellington earthquakes. As a result of the quakes, we have had periods of no power or internet  access. So this may affect our ability to respond to enquiries during this time. We may have more power outages as aftershocks continue to strike our offices. Our web hosting services however are not affected in anyway. The servers are housed in professional datacentres in Auckland, Wellington and overseas, and are designed to withstand these types of earthquakes. So please bear with us during this time.

Scheduled Maintenance : CPanel Server Moves from Monday 7th November 2016

 Our upstream providers will be moving the CPanel webservers at anytime from  6pm on Monday 7th November 2016. They are moving the servers from an old rack to new rack as part of improving the infrastructure. There will be some downtime across all services while this is done.They are expecting downtime of no more than one hour once they commence the move, however it maybe longer.  If you notice your server is not responding, this will be why.