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UDATES: Pricing and Service Changes for our Corporate and Business Hosting plans

Our upstream providers are moving accounts across to an all new platform. With this migration, hosting prices will be changing. The new plans will include 15 times more total diskspace. People who need more diskspace than this in the future will also be able to upgrade to higher diskspace plans.  We haven't increased our prices in over a decade, despite inflation and increasing costs. So the new plans will be more expensive to account for the increased costs. Some hosting clients were already paying extra fees for additional diskspace storage on the old network, due to exceeding the quota that came with the plan. As the new plans include a lot of extra diskspace, those clients will be paying less in total for their hosting service with us. The new fees take effect on the 1st March 2022 and details of the updated plan is published on our website at   Please note that we have never provided any free DNS hosting services, and we will continue to charge for all