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Phasing out old legacy IP ranges at the Auckland Datacentre

Dear Customers, This message only applies to clients hosted at our Auckland datacentre, and not clients on our CPanel based hostng plans. The Auckland datacentre is currently undergoing the task of updating some of their legacy IP ranges. This usually does not cause any problems, and most changes will happen automatically. Here are a list of changes that they will be making, so that if you are having any issues you can check your domain template is using the right IPs. It will likely only be very old websites, that are 8 or more years old, that may still be using these old settings. If you are using mail.[yourdomain] or for incoming mail, please update this to If you are using mail.[yourdomain] or for your outgoing mail settings please change this to, leave this if you have anything else! If you have shared hosting or mail with us, but your domain is using an alternate domain pr

FTP Access details updated on Auckland Network

  This announcement only applied to clients on our Auckland business hosting network. Dear Customers, Please be aware that FTP access to is no longer available for ftp access and has been updated on the default templates.  You should be using the hostname or ftp.[yourdomainname] which should point to If your FTP access has stopped working please check this setting in your ftp client, and your domain template. If you are using a custom domain template for your domain, you will need to make this update manually in your 'domain template'.