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Lounge Network are taking NZ Web Hosting to the Next Level with Additional Security

The Lounge Network are protecting your businesses website from attackers.. At the Lounge Network we work hard to ensure your web site loads fast, is reliable and secure. This isn’t easy with more than 7,000 DDoS attacks occurring daily around the globe. To improve our ability to protect customers we have deployed state-of-the-art DDoS mitigation technology on our Auckland Clustered Network; the same technology is used by governments and large service providers around the globe to protect their networks. The Lounge Network is one of only a few Kiwi web hosts to have this technology, and we are using it to protect your web sites and servers at no extra cost to you. Our new technology monitors network traffic, actively identifying attack traffic, allowing us to mitigate it before it reaches you. For example: identifying brute force attempts on your WordPress install, attempts to infect your server with malware, or an all out DDoS attack aimed at taking

The free Shared Secure Certificate on CPanel servers has been phased out.

This was discussed in an announcement earlier in the week, but may have been overlooked by some users. Due to some security updates on the CPanel servers we will need to cease providing  access to the free shared secure certificate, on all shared CPanel hosting servers, effective immediately. This is due to the way shared secure certificates run on CPanel servers. Unfortunately using a shared secure certificate is now deemed to be too much a of a security problem, and it conflicts with other security protocols which have been introduced with urgency on the servers. This is being done for the security of all users of the shared CPanel servers.  Although we don't know how many people make use of the free shared secure certificate, we don't believe there are very many. If clients do need a secure certificate, we do still allow dedicated certificates to be installed on our CPanel hosting plans. A dedicated secure certificate also offers a far more profe

Urgent Security Updates to be applied to CPanel servers - Important Changes

All CPanel servers will have security updates applied in the coming days. The server technicians will be enabling the Symlink Patch on the servers as security measure. This patch will ensure that no user can create a link in their account to files under another user, or server configuration files, and thus accessing information from it.  This update will require apache to be recompiled on the server, and means php 5.3 will be enabled by default on the server. If your website is running  very old software that doesn't run under php5.3, we should be able to switch back individual websites back to to PHP 5.2 upon request. Please note that PHP 5.2 is now end of life, and has been replaced by PHP 5.3, so we would recommend updating your website to run under PHP 5.3. The other thing about this update, is that it will mean that we will need to cease providing  shared secure certificate access on all shared CPanel hosting servers, effective immediately. This is due to the