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The free Shared Secure Certificate on CPanel servers has been phased out.

This was discussed in an announcement earlier in the week, but may have been overlooked by some users. Due to some security updates on the CPanel servers we will need to cease providing  access to the free shared secure certificate, on all shared CPanel hosting servers, effective immediately.

This is due to the way shared secure certificates run on CPanel servers. Unfortunately using a shared secure certificate is now deemed to be too much a of a security problem, and it conflicts with other security protocols which have been introduced with urgency on the servers. This is being done for the security of all users of the shared CPanel servers.
 Although we don't know how many people make use of the free shared secure certificate, we don't believe there are very many. If clients do need a secure certificate, we do still allow dedicated certificates to be installed on our CPanel hosting plans. A dedicated secure certificate also offers a far more professional look for secure pages, as the certificate is in your companies own name. Clients who need a secure certificate for their website will need to buy one, and their own dedicated IP. Please contact us to arrange this. We do however still offer a shared secure certificate on our non CPanel unmetered web hosting plans, however it may also be removed at a later date, if it is deemed to be a security issue.