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Lounge Network are taking NZ Web Hosting to the Next Level with Additional Security

The Lounge Network are protecting your businesses website from attackers..

At the Lounge Network we work hard to ensure your web site loads fast, is reliable and secure. This isn’t easy with more than 7,000 DDoS attacks occurring daily around the globe.

To improve our ability to protect customers we have deployed state-of-the-art DDoS mitigation technology on our Auckland Clustered Network; the same technology is used by governments and large service providers around the globe to protect their networks. The Lounge Network is one of only a few Kiwi web hosts to have this technology, and we are using it to protect your web sites and servers at no extra cost to you.

Our new technology monitors network traffic, actively identifying attack traffic, allowing us to mitigate it before it reaches you. For example: identifying brute force attempts on your WordPress install, attempts to infect your server with malware, or an all out DDoS attack aimed at taking you offline.

To benefit from this service you don’t need to do anything if you are already hosted on our Auckland Clustered Network. Your web site or server is automatically protected by being hosted by us on our Auckland Clustered Network.