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Rolling Server Updates in September & October 2022 - Updated Hosting Control Panel Coming

Over the course of the next few months, the datacentre hosting some of the servers will be upgrading their control panel software to a newer version. This will be done on a rolling basis across all servers. This new control panel software supports a lot more functionality that will allow your websites to scale exponentially.  You will still access your control panel on ports 2083 and 2087, and webmail links will also be the same as well, as long as your website is hosted with us. eg .  If your website isn't hosted with use you must use the following logins and settings, otherwise you will get SSL error messages.

Control Panel Login

Webmail Login

The server mailserver address you need to use for your email client (eg such as Outlook) needs to be set to the following. Choose either the Wildcat or Gemini mail server address depending on the server you are on.

Incoming Mail Server: or

IMAP Port: 993 POP3 : 995

Outgoing Mail Server:

Your ISPs SMTP server or or

SMTP Port: 465 / 587

The main differences between the new and old control panel is a look and feel change of the control panel. The new one uses a newer technology stack which they have been designing and working on for the better part of 8-9 months. It should still feel familiar and similar to use    There is nothing that you will have to do in order to receive this upgrade, it will be done automatically. Please note that some servers have already been updated.  If you encounter any issues after the update please email us. 

Please note that clients with free security certificates installed will get an email to say their Lets Encrypt security certificate has expired. These are being automatically replaced with zeroSSL security certificates so you can ignore those emails.