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If you are still using old email client settings on the Wildcat or Gemini servers...

If you are still using your domain name as the mailserver address in your email client (eg such as Outlook) , you may start to get a security certificate error in your email software. 

The server mailserver address you need to use for your email client needs to be set to the following for your incoming mailserver. If you are also using our servers for your outgoing mail, then you also need to make the same change to your outgoing mailserver. Choose either the Wildcat or Gemini mail server address below depending on the server you are on. If you aren't sure, try one and if it doesn't work the other one should.

Incoming Mail Server: or

IMAP Port: 993  /  POP3 : 995

Outgoing Mail Server:

Your ISPs SMTP server or or

SMTP Port: 465 / 587

You can also access webmail through the following link Webmail Login