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New Universal Login URLs for cPanel Concorde & Libra Servers

Earlier this year hosting accounts on Concorde and Libra cPanel servers were migrated over to new servers. The Concorde server is now called Wildcat, and the Libra server is now called Gemini

The legacy universal CPanel and Webmail logins continued to work after this migration but have now been depreciated. The new logins for your server can be found for both CPanel and Webmail below. If you try to access CPanel or Webmail through the old logins, you will get a security warning, so you need to use the new login. 



Please note that if your website is hosted with a third party and you use the Wildcat or Gemini servers for email, then depending on when you setup your account and hther you are using old legacy settings, you may also need to update your incoming and outgoing mailservers in your email client so they connect directly to the server. This because the free SSL certificates can only be generated when the primary domain is pointing to our servers, so it can't be generated when it is pointing to a third party server.    If you get a security certificate warning then this will also be the reason.

You will therefore need to use the following incoming and outgoing server address with your email client