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Auckland Email issue with Secure Certificate

The server engineers are currently aware of an issue that maybe affecting a small number of email users on our Auckland hosting network. This is affecting those users who are using SSL with their email client, and the POP3, IMAP or SMTP connection is through though the SSL using the domain *  If you get a popup message in your email client and  you can choose to continue and email should connect to the server to send or receive email.  You can also  access your email through the webmail login box at . The webmail login is the lower of the two login boxes.

Alternatively you can temporarily use the non SSL methods of connecting to POP3, IMAP and SMTP as shown at  . This means for POP3 set the incoming port to 110, and SSL to none. For SMTP setting the outgoing port to port 25 with no authentication. For IMAP setting the incoming port to 143 and SSL to none. You should also be able to use your ISPs SMTP server for sending out emails if they block port 25. 
Clients using non SSL or TLS settings in their email client should not be affected by this issue. The server techs are currently working this issue.

This has since been resolved.