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CPanel server upgrades and backups

 Our upstream providers of our hosting server have announced that they are in the process of upgrading their fleet of servers both from a hardware standpoint, as well as software.  They are doing this in anticipation of the November 2020 Centos 6 end of life. 

Please make sure to also always maintain backups of all of your data stored on the server,  to ensure safe keeping.  Our upstream providers do their best to protect it, but it's always a wise decision to have your own. As per our terms of Service, the client is required to backup the data you store on the hosting servers. This includes data such as your website files and databases and email data. In the event of data loss, clients must be in the position to restore their data from their own backups. CPanel has some built in tools that make backing up easier.  As well as regularly downloading and backing up your data from the hosting server and storing it locally,  there are also some third party services that can do this for you.