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Windows Server Updates - NZ Windows Web Hosting

 We have a small number of clients who are still hosted on the old Windows hosting platform, which has now reached the end of its life.  This platform is no longer supported by Microsoft and they no longer release security patches for it. Websites on this platform will therefore be migrated by our upstream providers to a new windows platform on the 12 December 2018, which will mean websites will be running on the latest windows server software.  Please note that if your website is old and/or using code that is not supported by the latest windows server software, then it may have compatibility issues running under the latest windows software.  In that case clients may need to their website developer to update their website, so it continues to work on new versions of the server software. Most clients will have kept their websites code up to date and current and, so most websites should not be affected by this server migration.

Please note that this server migration is not optional, as the current windows platform is end of life.