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Premium CPanel Hosting Accounts - Backup System Upgrades

Rolling Update Work Window starting from the 12 August 2017

Scope of Work:
CPanel has introduced a new backup system which is going to replace it's legacy backup system.  At some point in the near future, CPanel will no longer support their legacy backup system.  In an effort to stay ahead of this, our upstream providers we will be converting the backups from the legacy system to the new backup system on a few servers every day.  They don't anticipate any loss of backups, but it's always advisable as per our terms of service to retain your own backups as well.  Our upstream providers have tested and verified the upgrade and don't expect any issues.  
The new Backup system now functions with a new user interface (UI) and having the following features:
The new Backup system also now supports multiple incremental backups.
Retention behavior - When a complete backup finishes, the system deletes the oldest backup. When the system backup partially completes (fails), the system will not delete the oldest backup, and it will continue to retain the oldest backups. This procedure ensures that the system retains at least one retained complete backup.
After the next complete backup finishes, the system will delete the oldest backups to return to the desired number of backups.
** This upgrade will run daily from the stated start date  until upgrades have been completed on all affected servers. It is expected to take some time before all servers will be upgraded.