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Another Domain Name Scam doing the rounds

We are aware of another Domain Name scam doing the rounds which appears to be affecting international domains like .COM. This scam takes the form of the scammer emailing domain owner, and saying that their domain name is due for renewal, and is at risk of expiring. In this case the organization contacting you is not us, the 'Lounge Network', but a company calling themselves 'Domain Services'.

The scam takes the form of them telling you that your domain is due to expire, and asking for your credit card so you can renew the domain through them. However as they are not the registrar of the domain, they will not be able to renew the domain, so they will essentially be taking you money. The amount they are charging is also almost double what we charge, and there is the risk that if you do follow their instructions, you could potentially lose your domain name if they take control of it. Therefore please delete any email that you receive. If you are not sure, please contact us via our support page. Please note that this scam seems to be affecting international domains. We ourselves have also received some of these scam emails for domains we own, and we have just deleted them.