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Orcon Hosted Windows Web Hosting Ending - 12th November 2014

This is a notice for websites connected to the old Orcon Windows web hosting platforms which have now reached end of life (EOL). From the 12th November 2014, Orcon (iServe) Windows websites will no longer have internet access for security reasons. FTP access to these servers will still be accessible until 20th January 2014. All websites on this platform should have already been migrated over to the Linux Platform. All clients who have their domains and DNS hosted by us will have automatically been switched to the Linux Servers, so your website should be unaffected by this. If you happen to host your domain away from our servers, and you use a third party DNS provider, then your website may stop working after this date. As we don't manage the DNS for those domains we don't know who is affected, if anyone, nor are we able to change the settings for you. We don't expect there to be many, if any, affected by this change. 

If you do have your websites hosted on our old Orcon Windows hosting service, and host your websites DNS with another provider, please be sure to make sure that they are point to ( . Please email us if you are not sure. Your domain provider / DNS provider will need to make this change for you.