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Shared Hosting Upgrades and New Shared Hosting Quotas

At the Lounge Network, we make an ongoing commitment to investing in resource and technology that ensures our servers run at optimal performance & availability - and most importantly - keeps your website or app running smoothly. Recently this has included;

• a complete overhaul of the shared hosting architecture at the Vocus Datacentre in Auckland, including upgrading all front-end servers and SATA drives to HP hardware,
• the implementation of MySQL Governor to regulate usage and prevent a site from affecting others when it requires additional resource,
• over $70,000 and 1000 hours of development/engineering time into upgrading mail systems and storage, providing you with a significantly more robust service.

New Shared Hosting Quotas

With our Corporate/Business web hosting plans, there are a small number of shared hosting customers (less than 1%) whose resource use would be considered 'excessive' for the shared plan that they are on. To ensure that your website is never affected by the 1%, we have moved away from offering unmetered diskspace and traffic on our web hosting plans, and instead have implemented some new usage quotas. The updated plan can be viewed on our web hosting plans page. Business Class hosting users can view the updated hosting plan at

If you are one of the 99% - you won't be affected by the changes, and your website and email will continue to work as normal. The new quotas will only affect the 1% of customers who fall outside of what's considered 'fair use'.

If you are one of the 1% - we'll be in touch to look at how we can help you curb your usage, or, offer you a hosting solution better suited to your needs.