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End of life for RV Sitebuilder on our CPanel servers

Our upstream providers have decided to phase out RV Site builder on our servers, and we have ceased advertising it as a feature. RV Site builder is a third party sitebuilder on our CPanel web hosting plans. We they are phasing it out for a number of reasons, but mainly because it hasn't been as reliable as it should be, and it has high support costs. It has also only had very limited uptake, so there are very few websites that use it. There are also now far better CMS options out there now, such as Concrete 5, CMS Made Simple and Wordpress, which are relatively easy to setup, and can have far more features. These weren’t available or as easy to use when we first introduced RV Sitebuilder.

If you are a RV site builder user, you will need to look at alternative website CMSs because although it will remain on the servers for the foreseeable future, it will eventually be removed and without notice. It is just that we will not be supporting it, and it will eventually be removed. We have therefore tagged it EOL(End of life) and it will be a depreciated service. We recommend clients who do still use it, that you migrate to a different CMS such as the ones mentioned above as soon as possible. Our web hosting services do support a wide range of different CMS systems.