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Problem with Vodafone / ihugs Email servers

We have had a few clients contact us in the last few days about problems receiving emails that have been sent from Vodafones / ihugs mail servers. The person sending them the emails instead received a email bounceback to say that their email had been rejected as junkmail, because it had been listed on several realtime blacklists (RBLs). These clients have also contacted Vodafone, but vodafone staff denied the problem was with them. We can assure clients that the problem is definitely with Vodafone, as they are responsible for keeping their IPs clean and getting any RBL blacklistings removed when they do occur.

We have also contacted Vodafone management ourselves, and they have told us that they are aware of the problem, and they have reassured us that they are working on getting it resolved with the relevant blacklists. Only Vodafone are able to fix this problem. If you have any concerns, please contact Vodafone directly, and ask for your email or call to be escalated if the frontline helpdesk person isn't knowledgable on the issue. Also if you don't get any satisfaction, please email us with the email contact and name of the person you are dealing with, and we can contact them directly on your behalf.

Please note that this is not a problem in anyway with our email services. The people sending from the vodafone mailservers will also be having problems sending to most other email providers too, as most top providers like us use  comprehensive antispam systems, to block reported spammers, thus cutting down the spam that our clients receive. If the sender of a Vodafone account doesn't get a bounceback, they will likely find that the email would have likely gone straight into the receivers junkmail folder instead, due to the blacklists Vodafones IP has been listed on.

In the meantime we would suggest Vodafone users send email using another email provider, until vodafone have fixed it.
In general , due to the very high number of users that use ISP email services, we don't recommend using ISP email services, especially for business use where email reliability is more critical. We instead recommend using quality email providers like us, for hosting all POP, IMAP and SMTP services associated with your email accounts.